Interior Design Cafe, Bar, Restaurant in Munich

Design and planning of restaurants, cafes and canteens

Gastronomie Design München
Interior design Resraurant für Marriott
Restaurant Konzept Visualisation
Rote Leuchte in Resraurant Design
Modulares Restaurant Design
Abendstimmung in Restaurant rendering
Gastronomie- Design für Marriott
Abendstimmung in Restaurant rendering
Gastronomie Konzept miz Sessel
Skizze gastronomie Konzeptentwicklung

Interior design of restaurants, bars, cafes 

If you have the gastronomic concept and have found the right space. Your business idea needs a visualisation of identity and a fast realisation. We would be happy to help you and translate the taste experience into the spatial three-dimensional design concept that gives your brand a tangible form and the right appearance, which entices guests. The space is carefully analysed, different layouts are checked to find the best functionality. We plan reliably, cost-effectively and within the agreed time frame.

How we work and what we deliver:

Preparation, performance phase 1

  • Appointment to get to know each other, clarification of needs and assignment
  • On-site visit and advice
  • If necessary, workshop with participants for common goals
  • Determination of your program
  • Does this property fit? Feasibility study tenant planning for you contact

Preliminary design and design planning, phases 2 and 3

  • Measurements
  • Brand Identity, Look and Feel
  • Surface analysis
  • Coordination with client, ingenieur and other project participants
  • Detailed 3D model with furniture, equipment and lighting
  • Photorealistic visualisations of representative areas
  • Derivation of floor plans and wall elevations
  • Product list
  • Optional: coordination of project participants
  • Optional: cost estimate

Approval planning, phase 4

  • Submission of planning application to the city institution and other applications as required

Execution planning, phase 5

  • All necessary implementation plans
  • Coordination of all planners
  • Detailed planning, e.g. B. for drywall, floor structures
  • Detailed planning of custom furniture in 3D
  • Optional: cost estimate

Tender, work phase 6 and 7

  • Mass and quantity determination for required trades
  • Request prices from construction companies, examination and comparison of offers
  • Coordination with companies

Construction supervision, phase 8

  • Coordination of construction companies
  • Support and adjustments on the construction site

Wir konzipieren, planen und begleiten:

  • gastronomy design
  • Restaurant layout
  • Furnishing and furniture planning
  • eye catcher