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Fassade Design

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Beleuchtung Design

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Visualisierung Lounge

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Besprechungsraum. Projekt Online

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Besprechungsraum. Projekt Online

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Main challenge of the project is to provide environment for  prosperous  IT  business  incubator  in  Kharkov  city.  As  a  skeleton  for  all functions, client had selected abandoned soviet concrete administrative 8-floor building, and smaller one 3-floor neighbouring building. 

business incubator is a place for  yuppies,  multi-component  environment  which  creates  favourable  conditions  for  the  creation  and development of the new ideas. Design backbone is provocation of communication between people, casual acquaintances, experience
sharing, receiving of new knowledge and social events of all kinds.

Diversity of new tasks have predetermined total redesign of the internal spaces, replacement of the old facades  and  addition  of  new volumes. New functional arrangement is following:  basement, 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd floors of  the  main  building  contain  mainly  public,
representative and retail functions. At  the 4-th and 5-th floors there is heart of the whole facility - coworking zone for IT-specialists and small it-enterprises are located. Floors from 6-th to 8-th assigned to let. At neighbouring building  there  are  facilities  for  leisure  and
sport activities. The territory around buildings must became an attractive vibrant space  for  visitors.  Despite  its  location  on  the  busy strain street, behind the main front there are  swimming  pool,  pedestrian  fountain,  outdoor  cinema,  playgrounds,  volley-ball  located.
Space in between two buildings considered as a main promenade, which interconnects two buildings and street . As for  the  facades, main and both side facades of the main building are replaced with the new large-perforated skin. Pattern formed by roundish windows
at the evening is able to act as a kind of the low-resolution LED  screen,  and  place  running  advertising  text,  or  even  primitive  video games. Back southern facade has large long windows fitted with horizontal photovoltaic external blinds.