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Neubau Projekt Einfamilienhaus Schweiz

Neubau Projekt Einfamilienhaus Schweiz

Japandi interior von einem Einfamilienhaus aus Holz im Kanton Aargau. Das Leitmotif ist die Natur, reflektiert in natürlichen Materialien und minimalistische Einrichtung    

Neubau Labor  (UFZ) Leipzig

Neubau Labor  (UFZ) Leipzig 

Der geplante Neubau des UFZ Leipzig ist ein Würfel, der wegen der geringen Grund- und Oberfläche, wirtschaftlich sinnvoll ist. Die innere Organisation des Neubaus ist das übereinander Anordnen der Funktionen, wobei die öffentlichen und allgemeinen Funktionen als Weg im Erdgeschoss beginnen und über diesen die Obergeschosse erreichen. Nach wirtschaftlichen Aussagen ist die Kommunikation ein wesentlicher Faktor für Innovation.

Neubau Jobcenter-Dachgewächshaus

Neubau Jobcenter-Dachgewächshaus 

Neubau eines Verwaltungsgebäudes mit gebäudeintegriertem Dachgewächshaus am Altmarkt in Oberhausen.
Durch die präzise Setzung des Neubaus als Blockrandbebauung wird die städtebaulich erforderliche Eingangssituation zum gesamten Grundstücksbereich aufgewertet und ein attraktiver Auftakt in Form einer Marktplatzsituation geschaffen. Das große Volumen des Neubaus wird auf kleinere Einheiten verteilt, um dem „Denkmalbereich Altmarkt“ gerecht zu werden. So entsteht ein 5-geschossiges Gebäude mit Gewächshaus als neues Zentrum, mit seinen Bereichen Zugang, Büroflächen und der Durchwegung zum Dachgewächshaus inklusive der Gründächer und stellt sich als neuer Verbinder dar, ein offenes Forum, der grüne Innenhof für die Mitarbeiter, Besucher und die Nachbarschaft wird auf der Stadtebene entstehen.

Walter-Eucken-Schule Karlsruhe – Entwurf Modernisierung

Berufsschule. Entwurf Modernisierung

Das neue Herz des Gebäudes ist eine zentral angeordnete, zweigeschossige Bibliothek mit einem Atrium, welches synergetisch der Belichtung, der Belüftung und der passiven Kühlung im Sommer dient. Die innere Organisation wird bestimmt von der Maximierung des Tageslichts welches zusätzlich auch der Orientierung im Gebäude dient. Tangiert wird das Herz des Gebäudes von Aufenthaltsbereichen für Schüler und Lehrer sowie Besprechungsräumen.

Fassadensanierung  und  Innenarchitektur IT Büro

Fassadensanierung  und  Innenarchitektur IT Büro

Main challenge of the project is to provide environment for  prosperous  IT  business  incubator  in  Kharkov  city.  As  a  skeleton  for  all
functions, client had selected abandoned soviet concrete administrative 8-floor building, and smaller one 3-floor neighbouring building. 
Вusiness incubator is a place for  yuppies,  multi-component  environment  which  creates  favorable  conditions  for  the  creation  and
development of the new ideas. Design backbone is provocation of communication between people, casual acquaintances, experience
sharing, receiving of new knowledge and social events of all kinds.

Off Grid Restaurant

Project solution is to establish self-sufficient restaurant, which can supply itself with food cultivated in the adjacent agricultural urban park
and with energy. For source of energy is used pyrolysis gasification powerplant with cogeneration microturbine  on the willow wood. It is
environmentally clean, although consumes significant amount of firewood. To achieve required 111 382 kW/h there is 8.7 ha of willow
field needed. Solution is a chain of the willow parks in the abandoned areas of Franfurt Ost. It will serve for area gentrification, Green Belt
connection, and powerplant feeding. Each park interconnected to urban tissue and has its own unique feature, as basketball field,
pedestrian fountain, etc. Peculiar feature of parks will be constant changes of the trees, as a result of 4-year growing cycle.

Holocaust Denkmal 1

Holocaust Denkmal Bakhiv (Kovel)

Holocaust Denkmal 2

Holocaust Denkmal Kysylyn



The starting point of this project is a nature of the perception.
Being on the vast open space brings excess of impressions, so it is hard to perceive certain details and evaluate their beauty.
That is why it is important to set in a frame defined viewpoints in order to enhance their perception. The project focuses on its magnificent
surrounding and intensifies it. Internal space formed by «frames» oriented toward important landmarks and viewpoints (Fortaleza de Belixe, Fortaleza de Sagres,Ocean, Farol Cabo de São Vicente). In between there is a central space. Moving from one view to another one visitors are able to perceive the landscape and think about their impressions. Central space is a platform for the collective events, meetings, excursions, while adjacent frames with panoramic windows provide the room for the individual experiences, contemplation, thinking, admiration. Outside branch-like shape of the plan forms variety of niche, where visitors can stay alone with nature, here they are protected from the wind and can enjoy the views.
Object also allowes acces to the roof enabling 360-degrees view.The wavy shape of the roof can be used as natural landscape to sit, lie or
walk on it.The complexity of the form sets a dialog with fragmented forms of neighboring old Lighthouse and Forts. It is a dialog with the
traditional local architecture.

Smart Masonry

Smart Masonry

The Smart Masonry is a structural design and a construction method, based on traditional masonry techniques. It deploys the
digital optimization to minimize dead-weight of the skeleton and the robotic construction technique to assemble complex geometry.
The proposed method is linked to the purpose and place of the building- Makers Center in Berlin. The machinery , which used
for the construction of the building, will be preserved as its a core and will drive its the main function.
The structural concept represents one seamless mesh, instead of walls, columns, beams, etc. It is designed as a minimal surface,
whose stress-pattern is optimized and materialized as a load-bearing pattern.
The construction method mixes advantages of 3d printing and large prefabricated elements. The robotic construction station
with robotic arm manipulators allows to build a complex geometry floor-by-floor. It is compact and labor-effective comparing
to traditional methods, and fast comparing to 3d printing.
The discretization of the load-bearing skeleton is implemented with unique concrete elements, whose geometrical and material
properties are varied gradually regarding local structural demands. ‘‘Positive Casting’’ is a new resource-effective technique.
It was elaborated in order to produce above mentioned unique elements.

Revitalization of the Chernobyl Zone. Development of the tourist infrastructure.

The aim of the project is to attract public attention to the phenomenon Chernobyl exclusion zone. The designed objects are located
outside the area of radioactive contamination. The proposed solutions will transform the abandoned territory which is now financed at
the expense of the taxpayers into a prosperous tourist destination which is beneficial for the society and profitable for the state.

Mars Colonisation 

Robots would be flown to Mars to carve out large voids in the basalt bedrock, choosing areas where the rock has formed into distinctive hexagonal columns, which can be removed to create cathedral-like interior spaces. The distinctive, tightly packed stone hexagonal columns, which are also found on earth, are formed where basaltic lava has cooled rapidly.

The robots would then weave web-like structures from basalt fibres to create floors within the caves. Basalt fibres, made by extruding molten basalt, are cheaper and more versatile then carbon fibres, and could replace traditional construction materials on Mars, according to Ageeva.

Hotel for Tablethotels

To inhale life in this place we are creating a new type of space – half street/half building, it is a vibrant suspended volume enclosing a number of public activities which will attract and serve not only locals and hotel visitors, but also other curious tourists and city inhabitants. It will inspire vivid public life around the hotel. It is a heart of the district.

Arch House

The house is accessed via the smaller courtyard, which is divided into three zones: entrance  zone that is accessible to everybody, semi-
private zone next to the living room and a private zone which is adjacent to the master bedroom. The bigger courtyard is common space.